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Christmas: Tell Christ's Story

So much is just like it was back in Bethlehem when the shepherds went looking for the one the angels had told them about. Christmas is not just about what happened long ago, but also about a promise given long ago by that resurrected Prince of Peace to his disciples. The King of Kings is coming, perhaps even with angel choirs announcing his entrance.

In Luke’s story of that event so long ago, the shepherds followed the directions given them by the angels, saw the baby in the manger, and then went back to their day jobs. But they went back as changed people. They went back sharing their story, which must have seemed crazy to anyone who heard them. But it didn’t matter. Their lives were no longer the same. May it be like that this Christmas. Let us not go back to the same old tired tune. Let us connect with that angelic choir and find a way to bring hope to others as God places them in our paths. Let us find ways to tell that story in a new and exciting way as well. Pass it on.


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