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A Look Back at the Holy Land Experience

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

  • The 14 acre theme park in Orlando, FL opened 20 years ago.

  • The Holy Land Experience’s architecture was modeled after ancient Jerusalem.

  • The park closed for good in 2021 after years of losing money.

A sign that says Holy Land outside the theme park

The Holy Land Experience was a Christian-themed Orlando theme park that opened in 2001. The park held Bible study sessions for the public and weekly church services.

Attractions included resurrection reenactments, a miniature model of Jerusalem, and the Trin-i-tee mini golf course.

Shortly after opening, the Holy Land Experience acquired The Scriptorium, a collection of early printed books of the Bible, Christian manuscripts, and other antiquities.

Originally founded by Marvin Rosenthal, a converted Baptist pastor, the park directors eventually sold the theme park to the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2007.

The Network did renovations, which included adding more restaurants, new exhibits, and expanded performing venues.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network taped its live show Praise the Lord at the park. The park also hosted church services and concerts in its 2,000-seat Church of All Nations venue.

After 20 years of operation, the theme park closed its doors for good in 2021 after years of running a budget deficit.

The Holy Land Experience gave Christian families a chance to embrace faith not fear.

The Christian theme park made it easy for kids to see the Bible come to life before their eyes and connect with God.


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