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Five Fun Facts About BibleGateway.com

BibleGateway.com is a free website that lets Christians read the bible online. Check out these five fun facts about the website.

1. The website started as a static version of the Bible

Originally planned in 1993 as a static HTML version of the Bible, founder Nick Hengeveld moved the site to Gospel Communications Network in the ‘90s.

2. The site now hosts 232 versions of the Bible

BibleGateway.com is now home to 232 versions of the Bible, in 74 languages.

3. You can see five translations at once

Readers can view five translations of the same Bible passage side by side at the same time, allowing for careful study and comparison.

4. Engagement with scripture is a priority

Visitors to the site can do numerous things to engage with the Bible, such as reading about the background of the Bible and completing activities to connect with God.

5. Accessibility is key

The site says its mission is “to honor Christ by equipping people to read and understand the Bible, wherever they are.” By putting the Bible online, BibleGateway.com is making scripture more accessible than ever before.


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