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Being Salt and Light

Dag Hammarskjold once noted that all good gifts from God can be used for their equal and opposite evil. As Secretary-General of the United Nations, he was in a unique position to see how un-peaceful things are in our world. And, as a person of some power, he knew how power can be misused even as it claims it is acting for the greater good.

Luke (ch9) tells a story of how James and John, recently given a Spiritual power beyond their imagining, wanted to use that power to destroy a Samaritan village which they believed had disrespected Jesus as he journeyed towards Jerusalem and his date with the cross on behalf of all of us. Imagine the look on their faces as Jesus rebuked them for their desire to destroy some of the very people he had come to save. Now, most people might say, “Well, I don’t have to worry about making that mistake, because I don’t have any power at all.” And they would be wrong. All of us, no matter how small we think our place in the grand scheme of things might be, have been created as salt and light for the world. It is our job, our mission in life, to find ways to help those who cannot help themselves.

We can’t make people love us when they don’t, any more than we can expect them to be faithful to God when the Spirit has not given them that gift yet. But we can bring moments of peace where there is none. We can help healing begin where hurt seems to be wining the day. And we can be a small LED light in a very dark place. Our individual power strip may not light up the world, but we can light up that small part of it where God has placed us. Trust that Spirit in yourself and pass a little peace along this week.


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