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Finding Peace for Others (and Ourselves)

The Peace we are offered in Christ invites us to be who we really are, wherever we find ourselves. Sometimes our journey is blessed with a calmness that stills our souls, and invites us to contemplate the promises of love and an eternal peace. And for that, like the Psalmist,

we give thanks.

But just as quickly, our journey can be interrupted by the gathering

storms of life that tempt us to rush back to the past we have left. It is in these moments that the promised hope we have in Christ enables us to go forward, even if sometimes we feel like we are walking alone… as if we have been abandoned. And it is in these moments that we discover the strength we have been given to share.

It is in these moments that we are invited to reach out and help those we find in these dark places find their way back home. Our calling, as followers of our Lord, is not so much to find peace on earth for ourselves, but to help others find peace and a new hope in their time of darkness. Pass it on.


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