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Epiphany: The Hope for What's to Come

Early Christians did not celebrate the birth of Jesus until 336 CE, when they were “ordered” to do so by the Roman Emperor Constantine. And Constantine determined we would celebrate it on December 25. As time went by, Christmas became more than a day; it became a 12-day season which ended with Epiphany.

And, for those who are unfamiliar with that holy holiday, this day “celebrates” the coming of the Magi to give presents to the Prince of Peace. Christmas celebrations begin on the last week of the year, and then continue into the first week of the New Year. This unique season provides us with a way to close the door on what has been, and then, open ourselves to hoping that what is to come will be better than we can imagine.

All the world has been touched by fear and anxiety, and many have lost all hope. But, in the fullness of His time, God sent forth his Son for the salvation of the world. And the promised gift he offers is peace in the midst of the turmoil of our lives. It is a gift better than gold, frankincense, or myrrh; and it is better shared. Pass it on.


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