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Our Favorite Billy Graham Quotes to Inspire Us to Put Faith Over Fear

The Reverend Billy Graham, one of the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th century, preached a commitment to faith and spread the Good Word worldwide. Graham preached to live audiences reaching over 210 million people in over 185 countries throughout his life.

As American Christians today, we live in a world filled with uncertainty. As one of the most well known and trusted preachers ever, we can learn from Billy Graham and take his advice on how to defeat our fears with faith. Here are some of our favorite comforting Billy Graham quotes to fend off fear!

“Fear can banish faith, but faith can banish fear.”

“Whatever [the] fears, encourage [yourself] to face them—and then turn them over to God. God loves [you], and when we know Christ and have put our faith and trust in Him, we know He’ll never abandon us.”

“Fear flees in the light of God’s love.”

“If we trust in our worry more than we trust God we are sinning by our lack of faith in God, who has given us the richness of His constant abiding presence, for those who put their faith in Him.”

“The key is to learn to trust God, no matter what our fears are. And we can trust Him, because He loves us, and He is greater than anything we’ll ever face.”

“…God doesn’t want us to be prisoners of our fears. The Bible says, ‘Do what is right and do not give way to fear,’ (1 Peter 3:6).”

“Fear can paralyze us and keep us from believing God and stepping out in faith. The devil loves a fearful Christian!”

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

Have a blessed day!


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Regina RithyYoung
Regina RithyYoung

I feel great about myself respect for Bible I m in the need of ground kept for me excuse only¶


Faith has been the pillar that has held me up from ser coming to fear anxiety and total despair bringing me to the understanding and recovering of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ Host of heaven and earth Love Mercy and Grace through Faith all glory be to our Lord Sign JP


be forever incruraged in our Lord and Savior my brothers and sisters in the Lords spirit JP


David Leslie
David Leslie


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