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“Ted Lasso” Teaches Us to Let Kindness Guide Us Through Tough Times

On the surface, Emmy award winning comedy “Ted Lasso” is a comedic tale of an out-of-place American football coach brought to the U.K. to lead a British soccer team. The show deals with questions of success, talent, fitting in, and more.

Despite the show’s many evolving messages, one theme stands at the forefront of the series: kindness.

Throughout the show, protagonist Ted Lasso has to manage to coach a struggling team, deal with financial difficulties, grapple with changing relationships, and more, all while wrestling with feelings of isolation and learning to fit after moving to a foreign country.

At the end of the day, Ted’s commitment to kindness, regardless of the tough situations he’s put in, leads Ted and his team to conquer their struggles.

Ted Lasso

“For me,” Ted declares in the first season, “success is not about the wins and losses. It’s about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field.”

The Bible tells us to be “kind and compassionate with one another.” Sometimes, treating others with kindness and respect can be difficult without a guide.

As we deal with the many uncertainties and struggles in our world and in our lives, it’s important to look to role models such as Ted Lasso who exemplify turning to faith and kindness over fear.

When choosing what to watch, turn to shows that teach us and our children to be kind and good to each other. With more faithful and kind role models, our world will be a much more compassionate place.


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Repentance Camp
Repentance Camp
Aug 06, 2022

Sometimes it never amazes me on how everyone wants this good and happy life, but not seeking to do as it is written. According to the book of Matthew 1:21 A child is to be born and son is given to save his people. Matthew 15:24 And he answered and said I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. So, John 3:16 is telling us that the love of this world are the Israelites, preferring back to Moses as he left up the serpent of brass so shall the son on man be lifted up, and whosoever was with Moses in the wilderness were the Israelites Jesus and Nicodemus are Israelites so Jesus tell…

Replying to

God loves everybody and we are created by him being black or white doesn't stop God not to bless us, nobody is special in the sight of God,he said I will bless who I will bless.,God is God not Man,his love is equal love to the world ,the most important tin in ur Life is ur Relationship with Him matters alot period and simple as ABC.

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