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Who is Pastor Gordon MacDonald?

  • MacDonald is Chancellor of Denver Seminary and a regular contributor to Christianity Today.

  • He has written over 12 books about living faithfully.

Gordon MacDonald serves as Chancellor of Denver Seminary and was previously a pastor at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Pastor Gordon MacDonald

An evangelical pastor and published author, MacDonald is an example of the motto faith not fear.

He and his wife Gail served as emergency chaplains in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But that harrowing experience did not shake his faith.

Spreading the Word of God

In the late 2000s, MacDonald shared his wisdom through public speaking and contributing to the German Christian magazine Sigh of Relief. MacDonald is also a contributing pastor at Christianity Today.

Since retiring, MacDonald has trained and mentored young pastors on spreading the word of God. Relying on faith makes MacDonald’s leadership stronger and allows him to pass on these skills to the next generation of pastors.

MacDonald’s Books

MacDonald’s published works guide Christians on how to put faith over fear. In Secrets of the Generous Life, he discusses the Christian call to live a generous life, how to do it, and why it brings Christians so much joy.

MacDonald wrote Mid-Course Correction to guide Christians who want to bring order back to their life. He emphasizes service to God, personal growth, and a commitment to worship.

In Renewing Your Spiritual Passion, MacDonald explores Christians’ drive to be godly people. He wonders if there is a growing weariness of spirit and talks about what Christians can do about it.


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