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A Call to Action

The Greek word for peace is thought to come from a verb that means “to join.” This seems to mean that the idea of peace is primarily a call to action, which suggests that our search for peace invites us to reconnect with those from whom we have become estranged.

Sometimes that broken relationship may have come about from something we have done or said (or, perhaps, not done or not said). Often times this brokenness is the fault of those who seek to harm us. But, if we truly seek peace, even pray for peace, our chances of finding it begin with us. Finding peace means that we are looking for ways to heal the hurt that is blocking our abilities to connect with others.

The most obvious Scriptural example of this is the conversation between Peter and Jesus soon after the resurrection. In Peter’s mind, he has denied his connection with his best friend out of fear and he is unworthy of even looking his master in the face. Jesus comes to him and helps him see that all is not lost, that there is a way out of this deep, dark place in which he finds himself. But Jesus does not ask for an apology. Jesus does not ask for Peter to make a public confession of his denial of Jesus. Instead, Jesus invites Peter to take care of others on behalf of Jesus. To reach out to the least and the lost is his way to making amends. He doesn’t ask Peter to do this as punishment, but as a means of showing Peter that he is still worthy of God’s love and that he will always be worthy of God’s love.

In a world that seems to be divided in so many ways, there is a need for us to reach out to others, inviting them to join with us in seeking the peace that Jesus paid for so long ago. Pass it on, and see if you don’t find a bit more peace in your life this week.


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